[Book Review] SUN By Tere Liye

AuthorTere Liye
PublisherGramedia Pustaka Utama
PublishedFirst published in Indonesia, in 2019. Second print: July 2019
Page368 pages; 20 cm
Translation byGill Westaway


The Chracters in this book:

  • Raib
  • Seli
  • Ali
  • Gun, biology teacher
  • Miss Curly-Locks or Miss Selena, can disappear and Math teacher.
  • Av, the librarian in the Moon Clan’s Central Library, and old man dressed all in white, with white hair and a white beard, carrying wodden stick. His face looked friendly and agreeable.
  • ILY: Ilo and Vey’s first born. His body was tall, his physique was strong, he was still young maybe just three or four years older than Raib, Seli & Ali. His face was handsome, with dark eyes.
  • Seli’s mum
  • Seli’s dad
  • Saba-tara-taba, the steward of Sunflawer Festival.
  • Mala-tara-tana II, one of the elders in the Sun Clan and a members of the Council. Av’s pen pal.
  • Fala-tara-tana IV, the Head of Council, is the only one who knows first clue
  • Hana-tara-hata
  • Mata-hana-tara, (Hana’s son)
  • Nena-tara-neta V, the boat owner who have ever play riddles with Ali.
  • Mena-tara-nata II, (Nena’s son)
  • Fala-tara-tana I, II, III


Tere Liye was born in Lahat, on May 21st, 1979. He is the sixth of seven children. Aside from being a writer, he works as professional accountant. He wwent to elementary and junior high school in South Sumatera, then continued to senior high school in Bandar Lampung. In 2012 he graduated from an Accounting Department, Faculty of Economics in University of Indonesia. He published 17 novels with Gramedia Pustaka Utama, namely:

  1. The Gogon Series
  2. The Falling Leaf Never Hates the Wind
  3. My Father is (Not) a Liar
  4. You and I and the Red Money Envelope
  5. The Land of Scoundrels
  6. A Nation on the Edge
  7. Spoken or Not, Love Is Still Love (poem anthology)
  8. Earth
  9. Moon
  10. Sun
  11. Star
  12. Comet
  13. Ceros and Batozar
  14. Minor Comet
  15. Rain
  16. #AboutLove (100 Quotes about love)
  17. #AboutFriends (100 Quotes about friendship)
  18. #AboutLife (100 Quotes about life)

Tere Liye has also published 15 novels for Republika Publisher

Happy reading! 

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